Why invest
in OncoBone Ventures

  • Develops truly effective and safe therapies for a currently high unmet medical need with a very high market value
  • Unique business: The only company focusing on therapies for bone metastases
  • Unique expertise: Founders are among global leading scientific experts in the field
  • The therapy development strategy leads to substantially decreased risk of failure in clinical trials
  • Potential for a profitable business and exit within 3 years

Key Numbers

19 .3 m

New cancer cases globally in 2020, expected to increase to 28.6m by 2040

10 m

Cancer deaths globally in 2020 (one in six of all deaths), mainly caused by metastases


Advanced stage breast and prostate cancer patients develop bone metastases

5 %

Patients with bone metastases alive five years after the diagnosis (no effective treatments available)

30 bn

Cancer immunotherapy market value in 2019, estimated to more than triple to $95bn by 2026

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Please contact us if you are interested in evaluating the opportunity to invest in OncoBone Ventures, or if you have therapeutic assets that could have potential for affecting bone metastases and would be interested to discuss potential co-operation.